Risolino rice pasta



Be welcomed with a smile to the world of rice pasta RISOLINO. We are very glad for your visit and being interested at why is rice pasta such a good choice for you and your body.


Rice pasta is becoming increasingly popular in homes and restaurants as well as school, public and staff canteens. It’s due to the several advantages this gluten-free pasta has.


Thanks to the rice pasta you obtain from each food more energy needed and the easier digestion will help you eliminate „postprandial paralysis“. Actually, it doesn’t contain gluten 

which unnecessarily burdens our digestion. Moreover, it’s free of preservatives, artifical colorings, cholesterol or any other adverse substances for our body.


Gluten free premium rice pasta Risolino

The combination of best features from high-quality long-grain rice and classic shapes of pasta created the magic ingredient for many traditional and exotic dishes. Additionally, it’s much healthier and 

beneficial for your digestion. Due to the rice alternative you get better nutritional foods that give you enough energy needed to cope with everyday troubles.


Rice pasta RISOLINO is produced only from the finest freshly milled long-grain rice, thereby gaining its softness and delicate flavor. Pure rice, natural tapioca starch and a pinch of salt. No preservatives, cholesterol or other adverse substances for your body.

If the preparation procedure is kept, Risolino never overcooks nor gets sticky. It’s good for roasting and very comfortable to bite. Cook the pasta according to the package directions and then thoroughly rinse it with plenty of cold water.

Favourite pasta shapes - Risolino

Take the chance to prepare for yourself and your loved ones the dish that satisfies more theirsenses.


Thanks to rice pasta RISOLINO you get healthy and tasty variation of classic pasta with the great al dente and have the opportunity to take full advantage of your culinary skills.

Treat yourself to the enjoyment of fine rice taste…